The Trivium and a lesson in the importance of critical thinking for grasping the underpinnings of logic and quickly weeding bogus personalities, ideas, and books out of your life.

  • 00:03 Report on Boris the dog
  • 01:15 Not personally attacking Kerry Cassidy
  • 02:20 Jeff Berwick; Anarchocapitalism; Trivium: Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric
  • 08:25 Critical thinking and its importance in seeing the underpinning of logic
  • 11:00 Apocalypse book with unknown author written by Jewish woman in the last 5 years
  • 16:30 Deuteronomy source material
  • 18:30 Critical reading
  • 21:22 ADL monitoring Clif and his followers
  • 22:25 1600 names for the Elohim; 1000 version of Torah
  • 29:13 William Tompkins and Mark Richards
  • 34:00 Atlantis; Pleiadians
  • 39:20 Thinking and Destiny
  • 41:35 Deepfakes throughout history
  • 42:45 Difficulty talking with normies

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