Prepare yourself to support your normie friends through their initial emotional reaction to their worldview being turn upside down.

  • 01:55 Jeane-Claude show with Jay Weidner and Kerry Cassidy; Emotional load that normies will face and the narradigm dissolves in this period of HyperNovelty
  • 04:00 Elohim’s ass being kicked on the Moon; Unteathered Heather; On-the-job training analogy
  • 08:35 Humans are good at doing things on autopilot once they have learned repetitive tasks
  • 10:25 Core of new social order will be built around woo people who are naturally receptive of conspiracy theories and are constantly second-guessing their own thinking; Mauro Biglino
  • 14:29 Analog AI computing; New renaissance of inventions; Growing materials
  • 17:35 Investing in the new analog AI age
  • 21:30 MotherWEFers already know they’ve lost
  • 22:10 How to help the normies get through their initial emotional reaction
  • 24:10 Self-Organizing Collective (SOC); Type 4 Influencer

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