Thoughts on why so many politicians make a trek to Antarctica. Do the Elohim require physical presence in order to pick up things through smell and to make psychic evaluations/impressions?

  • 00:40 Antarctica; Grit-based paradigm of mainstream science (Elohim Worship Cult); Appropriately form grit does not equal consciousness; Consciousness turns grit into life
  • 03:40 We cannot create hybrids because we cannot form grit into consciousness
  • 05:30 Fake history and fake religions; Jewish Elohim require constant ego stroking; Jesus stories may have been created by the Romans
  • 07:55 Crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus; Translated from bad Greek
  • 11:30 Politician trips to Antarctica
  • 15:15 Romans announced the leaving of the Elohim; Did that go to Antarctica?
  • 18:30 Elohim require physical presence so they can pick up things through smell and psychic impressions
  • 22:00 Technical issues with portals
  • 24:40 Why did Juan O Savin (Wayne Willet) go to Antarctica
  • 26:40 CCP has declared Islam is a mental illness

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