Has Clif been cloned? One hits hard walls with a minor amount of thinking around the practical issues of cloning.

  • 01:28 Real Police Chief on Twitter claims Clif has been taken to GITMO and cloned
  • 02:45 Piss poor success rate in cloning with animals; Elohim problems while GMOing humans
  • 08:00 Problems with cloning; Time Compression – How do the clones age so fast?
  • 15:40 Kerry Cassidy and Phil Schneider; The Soul
  • 18:50 Gasping breath of child’s soul entering the womb; Stillbirths if no soul attaches; Retardation and deformities if soul attaches too late; If not Clif’s soul, the clone will look totally different
  • 27:03 Hybrids coming across Southern border
  • 30:00 Memories and education?
  • 32L05 Clif’s joke about Charlie Ward being cloned after the great burrito explosion

Direct audio link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/clonez

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