Those claiming Clif is a clone based on his recovery from cancer are discounting/belittling the amount of effort he has invested in the process.

  • 02:45 Clif’s role in spokesperson for the woo is winding down in favor of local efforts remodeling home and contributing to local economy
  • 04:45 Eohim Worship Cult and Stockholm Syndrome; Delaying the facing of it may not be good strategy
  • 08:45 Police in Europe to capitulate and join farmers
  • 10:20 Jay Weidner’s video on JFK assassination; Squib
  • 14:05 Food riots, then looting of “Secrets Revealed” documents
  • 18:15 Something happening in the banking world
  • 22:00 Real Police Chief saying Clif is a clone because of his cancer recovery; Carnivore Diet; Seed Oils
  • 26:00 Taking tons of supplements
  • 27:50 Portals at CERN?

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Clif High's Pure Sleep
Clif High Library
Clif High Necessities
C60 Purple Power

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