Patrick Timpone interview of Clif covers a wide variety of subjects including countries dropping dollar and Fed becoming irrelevant, potential for Amero, and the Israeli Mistake.

  • 02:00 Explanation of predictive linguistics; Picking up psychic leaks in language used on the internet; Archetypes
  • 07:00 Twin Quakes; 6.3 quake in Hawaii
  • 14:30 Using the system for investments
  • 15:45 Cost of subscription
  • 19:10 Expressing negativity
  • 22:30 Other countries will drop dollar; Fed becomes irrelivant
  • 32:24 Amero; Concept of global currency becomes shakey; By 2011, currency may resolve down to calories
  • 35:20 Power-That-Be structure and numbers
  • 41:00 Disease archetype
  • 42:30 Zionist Israel will attack Iran (Israeli Mistake)
  • 44:50 Gold, Sliver, and Oil
  • 47:55 Internet should stay strong; Great Awakening
  • 53:18 May never use gold and silver in everyday transactions; Argentina model; Attempted VAT on gold and silver
  • 57:45 Weather extremes; Volcanos; Yellowstone is a spent force

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