The first half of this show seems to be missing, but this second half includes lots of interesting nuggets including the idea that creativity is key to becoming a Type 1 civilization.

  • 03:24 American Revolution vs French Revolution
  • 09:20 Living through the collapse
  • 13:00 Crazies will be respected as having more foresight; Liberty vs Freedom
  • 16:30 Emergence of planetary middle class; Self-Organizing Collective (SOCs)
  • 21:30 Knowledge should be stored fractally rather than being hidden
  • 27:30 Space Aliens and UFOs
  • 30:20 Looting for food in US, then Vatican, leads to Secrets Revealed
  • 34:00 Buckminster Fuller; New Electrics; Creativity required to move to Type 1 civilization
  • 37:10 Shutting down the Internet by shutting down DNS
  • 40:10 “Monumental” and Epic” time of humans embracing sacrifice for future generations
  • 41:45 Why Clif doesn’t watch horror movies

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