Antarctica data began appearing in the early web bot days of 1998 which lead Clif on a special quest to research the continent. Lots of military activity and exploration has been documented. Legends of ancient people describe how Antarctica was frozen and fairly recent maps show it without ice.

  • 00:00:00 Very detailed introduction of Clif
  • 00:06:16 Interview begins
  • 00:09:46 Clif describes his background
  • 00:14:22 Antarctica showed up in data in 1998; 2002 predication of blocked channel; 6 or 7 years later tons of underwater volcanos discovered
  • 00:17:54 Newspaper archives digitized onto the internet in 1990s; Internet grows episodically
  • 00:20:00 Interested only in words that don’t appear in normal conversations; Bought a Wyse dual-processing machine in 2001; Random Number Generator experiments; Predicted 9/11 – “Military Accident”; Did not yet have “terrorism” encoded
  • 00:28:35 By 1999, Clif noticed weird data around Antarctica; Patronizing, governmental tone;
  • 00:32:50 In 2002 there was a form of disclosure for wealthy to explore Antarctica
  • 00:37:07 In 2002, satellites over Antarctica discovered something gigantic under the ice; Magnetic anomaly; Area’s blurred out in photos
  • 00:39:15 Russians found remnants of ancient civilization in 1960s in Vostok
  • 00:41:54 Americans injured in nuclear power plant accident in 1970s; Russians made films about what Americans were doing in Antarctica; Bulldozer scoops out pristine anthracite coal; That one pile could power America for 200 years; Very shallow lake, 80-degree water;
  • 00:46:53 Presidents send envoys: Newt Gingrich, John Cary; Steaming rivers; Same as in Admiral Byrd diary
  • 00:55:00 Conventional idea of when Antarctica froze: 13-30 million years ago; But old maps discuss Antarctica without ice; Piri Reis map
  • 00:57:25 Ancient cultures around the world discuss “Great Flood”; Also “Great War in Heaven”; Radioactive green glass in Sahara Desert; Salish legends say sky people burnt Sahara and froze Antarctica; 1910 description of sailing past Egyptian Stelae in Mississippi River; Chinese navigation markers across western US;
  • 01:06:30 Atlantis; Ruins underwater all over the world
  • 01:12:00 Poles don’t necessarily translate into cool areas; No heliocentric solar system; Magnetic poles; Greenland
  • 01:21:00 Expanding Earth


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