The preeminent show exposing the Blue Chicken Cult and their tactics that have discredited the efforts of those doing real research into the Secret Space Program.

  • 00:01:12 Corey Goode marketing cult that invaded the field of the Secret Space Program (SSP); Tried to trademark the term “Secret Space Program” which would have locked up research; Many notables joined the #NoSSPTM;
  • 00:04:25 Abandoned the trademark attempt; Started doxing critics and people who had left the cult
  • 00:09:06 SSP started under Kennedy and McNamara; Blue Gemini; Continuity of Government; Black Budget
  • 00:15:28 After serious conferences digging for answers regarding Secret Space Program, David Wilcock and Corey Goode started showing up
  • 00:19:49 Corey Goode restraining order for life – Darling International Case # DC1404807
  • 00:23:45 Corey Goode’s backdown tweet and trademark application; Militarizing New Age thinkers
  • 00:29:31 Importance of dealing with the cult
  • 00:33:30 Doxing of psychology doctor working with cancer patients
  • 00:35:45 Appearance of Jordan Sather
  • 00:38:48 Sock Puppet Account; Doxing C.W. Chanter; Jimmy Church;
  • 00:44:04 CLIF HIGH joins show; Corruption of ALTA data by Blue Chicken Cult; Traps set; Antarctica trap
  • 00:53:12 IP Theft; “Art of the Steal” episode; Jay Weidner left Gaia; Tactics fall under the RICO laws
  • 01:08:50 Hostile takeover of UFO conferences by Blue Chicken Cult; Doxing protected class
  • 01:12:30 Jordan Sather kratom use
  • 01:16:30 Is Jordan Sather a patsy?; Jimmy Church
  • 01:19:00 David Wilcock’s role
  • 01:22:35 Secret Space Program Trademark
  • 01:28:25 Marvel Comics opposes trademark
  • 01:33:35 Star Trek Unnamed Sphere-Builders
  • 01:34:00 Bill Ryan (Project Avalon and Project Camelot)
  • 01:37:55 Theresa Yanaros
  • 01:47:00 Original “Dark Alliance” by Gary Webb; Infiltration, Projection
  • 01:50:45 Psychopathic behavior; Developing a center of honor through martial arts
  • 01:55:18 Doxing laws
  • 02:00:10 How should “Contact in the Desert” respond
  • 02:05:00 Jimmy Church details
  • 02:11:30 Antarctica Booby Trap
  • 02:18:00 Inner workings of intelligence community
  • 02:21:00 3G Night Vision Goggles and whistleblowers
  • 02:23:06 Clif father does military contract to take back a section of railroad
  • 02:25:26 David Wilcock and Robert David Steele
  • 02:26:30 Fallout on conference culture; Contact in the Desert
  • 02:33:25 4-chan; Q Language change

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