For this series finale, Clif explains both the utility and shortcomings of quantum computers, as well as how they may be contributing to the Mandela Effect. He provides more details on the military’s abandoned development of night vision goggles based on red light and touches on his “Little Bloop” theory.

  • 00:00:32 Begin interview
  • 00:00:57 Salish indigenous population in Northwest;
  • 00:02:53 “Mote in God’s eye” meditations
  • 00:04:20 Goals of Transhumanism/AI; They are simply wrong; Geoengineering;
  • 00:06:51 Consciousness and Quantum Computer; Qubit; Divination; Entanglement; Mandela Effect
  • 00:22:22 Quantum Entanglement vs Quantum Annealing vs Quantum Tunneling
  • 00:28:10 Google search queries
  • 00:35:44 Red light night vision goggles in Vietnam
  • 00:46:34 Gut and second brain; Vagus nerve
  • 00:50:00 Big Bang Theory vs Little Bloop Theory
  • 01:01:06 Clif’s exploration of religions, martial arts
  • 01:05:23 End of interview; Outro and stats


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