00:30 Out of the Woo Period into the Period of Initiation
05:12 Initiation into the Woo
07:00 Old lives are gone forever; Churn of the Woo
11:50 Straw boats of Egypt; Straw symbol
16:37 Otzi the Iceman many uses of straw
19:47 Initiation of Italy with Green Pass
21:30 Straw in Thresholds; Threshold marriage ceremony
26:26 October 24-28; Dictator Kamala; Michael Obama
30:15 56% think current occupants of Whitehouse cheated
31:25 Moral component supreme in fourth-generation warfare; Sanjay Gupta/Joe Rogan incident; Media authority gone
38:00 Secret society use of straw in emblem
40:05 Polynesian tattoos
43:19 Really rough months of November and December
45:10 Clif’s father had a film about US Military mission in Antarctica; Mountain of coal
50:10 Positive bump in January

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/DlNeoGarCs4a/

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