• [00:15] South Pole Woo
  • [00:50] Globalists are not normies; Klaus Schwab, Christine Lagarde, etc. going to Antarctica; Data sets from 2000 started showing data on Antarctica that tied into lots of other things
  • [04:55] Release of information (Secrets Revealed)
  • [06:00] Ghislaine Maxwell probable mistrial with prejudice; CIA cover-up of sex crimes; Smash & Grab strategy
  • [10:00] Antarctica ancient remnants
  • [11:00] Jack Dorsey gone from Twitter; Twitter dying
  • [13:20] Cryptos down; Prelude to big transactions
  • [14:30] Omicron; Expect up to 49 other variants; MSM trying to normalize heat attacks/blood clots/myocarditis; Nuremburg Laws
  • [20:00] PCR tests to determine phenotypes; CCP failure to determine phenotypical vulnerabilities; Vitamin D
  • [25:35] More Antarctica; Secrets Revealed
  • [30:10] Unauthorized archeological expedition
  • [31:10] Commercial vaccidents; Expect brutal winter

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Hu06tMM8MuS1/

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