• [01:00] Breakdown of narrative; Rumor #1: Evergrande Default; Deflation; 2.5 times higher die-off
  • [09:45] Natural hyperinflation on things like rolling equipment, working stock, 3D printers;
  • [14:50] 1960s-70s economy pushed out all the makers;
  • [17:00] Hillary Clinton was not able to destroy Seattle and Austin with nukes, Obama didn’t get to take guns; Threw a wrench into Great Reset and CCP plans; Evergrande is a result of this
  • [19:30] China hardening things, bringing people home in preparation for default
  • [21:00] Explanation for drop in cryptos; Moving into world of solid, hard currency; If we had to pay for these wars in gold, they wouldn’t happen
  • [28:25] Immigrants back to native countries
  • [31:43] Big negative impact on bonds, Catholic Church, universities
  • [33:57] Chaga – Disregard daily recommended dosage; Chaga and cancer

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/kDlEKJ4k17Yw/

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