• [00:49] Veritasium temporal marker; Government may come to Reggie in Spring
  • [02:00] Temporal markers all over the planet; Han Chinese revival; Rejecting Western clothing; Americana revival in America; Similar ancient roots movements all over the world;
  • [07:05] Yule Tide; Yule Time; Zenith of old system which will fall quickly; Break up of vaxx narrative; outbreak of kinetic war against PTB; Disclosure of space aliens and UFOs
  • [10:10] Infiltration of hospital management by the financial system; All media owned by 4 corporations; Sell of hospital; Hard-to-get allopathic medicine
  • [19:35] UFO info about to be introduced; Hidden stuff in the Grand Canyon
  • [21:18] Sun disease and children taking a hit from the vaccines; Inheritance and adoption issues; Rejection of abortion and birth control
  • [24:18] Unredacted photos of ancient structures in solar system
  • [25:45] December 11,12 Something big happening; Things will unravel quickly

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Kn5yiBLfaiDe/

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