• 00:12 Worm that flies at night! Jean Baudrillard; Communism; Objects; Systematize humanity; Systems of systems
  • 10:00 Systems of water; Sewage; Power; Supplies; Personnel; Moving outside the power pyramid
  • 15:30 Power pyramid is just as vulnerable as communism; System of system will bust out everywhere; Cryptocurrencies
  • 17:30 Covid Concentration Camps require systems; Vulnerabilities; Attack systems, not other humans
  • 31:10 Moral system; “Outing” camp guards, subcontractors
  • 34:50 “2 ride 3” – 2 people riding 3 bicycles
  • 36:35 Emergence of the worm; Mind control, media, Great Awakening
  • 42:10 Social theme can change quickly; 3 weeks for the whole power pyramid to crumble
  • 47:10 WWII was a put-up job; Worm that flies at night; Name of worm = Doubt!

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