00:38 Morphogenic, morphostatic fields; Michael Levin
03:28 Nadi; Least Action Principal
08:35 History being scrubbed; Museums showed royals with coneheads; elongated skulls
14:00 Old book purchase
15:05 11th & 12th edition of Encyclopedia Britannica which bookended WW1; Not meant for masses
20:15 Radiotherapy; Heliotherapy; Treating lupus, tuberculosis and smallpox at high altitudes with sunlight
22:10 Zionist/Jewish revolution in Russia exported from New York City
23:35 Titanic disaster; First-class and crew had higher survival rates
25:56 Antarctica – Antarctic Regions;
27:40 Southern Angola rejected by Zionist contingent as possible settlement for Jews
30:30 James Angel entry
33:00 Strong focus on military-related info
34:40 Peering into a history unavailable on internet; Connection vs connexion reveals writing by secret society members

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/pwQnOCYeV7lb/

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