• 00:35 People pirating Clif’s Bitchute videos onto YouTube, so Clif will sprinkle banned phrases through videos
  • 01:37 Twitter account is back, but Clif is going to burn it; Looking for software to manage multiple social media
  • 02:54 New Electrics; Data from 1997 said humans would change their relationship to electricity; This is an into to SciFi world
  • 04:20 New Electrics were conjunct with DIY Bio (concentration in Asia)
  • 07:55 Clif’s personal purchase of a #1 unit of a magnet motor–a fueless electrical generator of 50 KW; Patent Pending; $67,500;
  • 10:05 Torque issue; Current gensets are crude, brute force machines that mess up the aether
  • 13:54 Fueless motors will no longer need attachment to the grid; No need to pay the distribution system
  • 14:55 Google Pixel 5A Privacy Phone by Unchained Innovations with Graphene OS; 5G is a low-power system
  • 17:15 Specific examples on the possibilities opened up with the new gen set
  • 21:45 Michael Levin: Electrical understanding of the body; Cells have charge; Ionophores; Gated Electrical Field; https://youtube.com/watch?v=Z0TNfysTazc
  • 27:05 Floaty RV; 2022 Encapsulated Earth resolved with New Electrics tech
  • 28:50 5G; StarLink is NOT 5G; 5G was meant to mitigate lots of problems with 4G; Radiation over a tiny distance; Doesn’t work with moisture in the air; Graphene oxide issues;
  • 32:00 5G is not directly associated with COVID; Shedding and other issues; Precautions against Shedding aid us against other things like chemtrails
  • 34:44 Fenbendazole for humans; Rats couldn’t get cancer; Alternative for Ivermectin; Microscope for content of chemtrails
  • 38:00 Least Action Principal; HAARP

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/84XDcOmSJkAZ/

One thought on “20211213 – New Electrics Woo”
  1. Apparently the Starlink customer ground stations have a Wi-Fi access point that includes not only 802.11 but 5G as well. This makes sense because most Starlink customers don’t have reasonable terrestrial internet availability, and this will allow for good cell phone usage in areas underserved as well. I run a Raspberry Pi 4B for monitoring and control of various household systems which uses hardwired Ethernet for networking. I noticed that it reports a 5G network available when I power up the Starlink for internet access. I plan to put the Starlink power supply and router in an RF tight enclosure with shielded pass-throughs for power and networking which will let me know if the access point 5G antennae are in the dish (often roof mounted) or indoors.

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