• 00:24 Corey Goode lawsuit; Disputed jurisdiction; “ion” is passive infinitive; Jur = I swear; Conjure = summon with swearing
  • 08:27 Swearing = What I am going to say from this point on is factual; Talking about future actions;
  • 10:35 Truth = fact, perception, or belief; Can’t say someone’s emotional attachment is factual
  • 12:35 Elongated skull people; Cellular fields
  • 15:45 Swearing was in the province of the gods; Talmud
  • 18:25 Swearing may have been prohibited to us
  • 20:00 Devolution Part 14 Patel Patriot; PrussiaGate
  • 23:55 Talmud used to train Rabbis; Codified reductionism
  • 25:20 Globalists; Alex Jones;
  • 30:00 Descend into hell through stairs, layers

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/AbklNWlZmYnn/

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