Help normies acclimatize to the Woo as their old framework falls apart. Nikola Tesla grew up in Vatican library.

  • 00:18 Ology = Study of; Wooology = Study of the Woo; Etymology; Epistemology
  • 07:46 Normie survival framework has fallen apart; CDC COVID comorbidities; Fast-twitch vs slow-twitch people
  • 13:45 First Principles Thinking; Objective Dilemma (ObDi)17:20 Retroduction20:36 Milestone in the Woo; Who, What, When, Where, Why; Acclimatize to the Woo
  • 28:00 Zapped from cell phone; Energetic body – Michael Levin – Morphogenic, morphostatic fields
  • 34:45 Funeral homes reporting higher death rates
  • 37:05 UFOs on Jordan Sather; Nikola Tesla grew up in Vatican library; Tesla’s favorite book was “A Theory of Natural Philosophy” by Boscovich who also had access to Vatican library
  • 40:00 Two versions of physics: Atoms vs Aether; UFOs; Wooble video

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