Normie paradigms will start to fall apart over the next few months as doubt inundates every part of their Deep State/seed oil reality.

  • 00:30 Truckers; Elites vs Populous; Trudeau in hiding;
  • 01:25 Normies start running into doubt on everything; Doubt as a tool
  • 04:00 Whoopi Goldberg caused the ADL to rewrite its definition of racism
  • 08:36 Doubt; Hormones; Cholesterol; Vitamin D, Cortisol; Stress Hormone; Seed Oils
  • 17:30 Vax narrative breakdown; Klause Schwab; George Soros
  • 19:09 February-May timeline; Clif High’s Pure Sleep details; Glass bottle collection; Doubt Curve, True Social; Hyperinflation; Allen Savory video: What Is Science?” Observing a new reality; Lebanese currency has collapsed
  • 31:31 Culmination of Doubt Woo in May
  • 34:53 SciFi world will start blossoming so much that it’ll be difficult to keep up
  • 36:06 Russia restricting ammonium nitrate to their borders; Can’t rely on commercial fertilizers

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One thought on “20220202 – Doubt Woo”
  1. I am of the opinion that Clif is part of the SOC and Iā€™m grateful for it.
    Love you Clif šŸ•ŠšŸ’žšŸ•Š

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