A conscious, self-selecting student (ka) of the Woo advances from Kohai (student) to Senpai (master) and begins to teach others.

  • 00:10 Ka = Lifetime Student of a subject; Example Judoka; Ka means “soul” in Egyptian; Student whose soul is dedicated to a subject
  • 05:12 We are Wooka – Students of the woo
  • 11:30 Becoming a student of the woo is required by Universe in one of your lives; Then you are altered from that point on; Always self-select
  • 14:44 These Woo series will end; Students will go through initiation – spark themselves; Senpai (master) and Kohai (student)
  • 26:00 Wife is okay; Old dog dying and people in larger circle requiring a caregiver
  • 27:23 Website has been attacked; Vox Populi articles have pissed off people
  • 32:17 Things will escalate from the 19th onward
  • 32:42 8- or 10-second rule of Non compis mentis; Become conscious of the woo; True victory is victory over self

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Fy0zxtrFmru3/

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