In this first post-WOO video, Clif addresses the war in Ukraine with its Khazarain/Tartarian roots and predicts a number of backlashes against the Deep State.

00:15 Clif High’s Pure Sleep update; Energies from space bombarding planet disruptive to vagus nervous system; Unlike melatonin, Pure Sleep can be taken continuously
02:40 New waterfront property and timberland permitting issues; More houses being listed
08:00 Out of WOO series; Ukraine > Khazarhia; Tartaria; Hebrew letters + German language = Yiddish
17:00 Budo: Bu = Contention or war, Do = Path; Masa Katsu agatsu! = True victory is victory over self
19:30 Biolabs
22:11 Deep State goofed up in Canada; Capital flows out of banks;
23:50 Vaxxlash; BigPharma dropping; Goyim = beast; Credit Unions
28:15 Durham investigation (serious) vs Justice Dept (joke)
29:50 Cashlash
31:00 Ice Age; Rain swings
32:50 Purism Librem 14 Laptop; PureOS (Linux); Unchained Innovation; GrapheneOS; NSA

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