Much to the chagrin of globalists and secret societies, we are in a time of stacking convergencies with an inevitable outcome of decentralization.

  • 00:29 We’re in a period of time called “convergence”; Example of convergence of telephony + computing power
  • 08:26 Stacking; Convergence with the human mind; Neurolink; Stacking convergences;
  • 11:10 Convergency of history
  • 12:43 Clif started writing in Assembly language; Current languages like Clojure
  • 16:23 AI will be most useful in producing more advanced computer programming
  • 19:06 Convergence into decentralized currency
  • 22:29 UFOs
  • 25:00 Convergence with religion; Health; Central Bank system is dead; Central religion is dead; Zionism merged with Catholic church under Ignatius of Loyola
  • 28:00 Ascendancy of decentralization; Wars last longer than most people think; Vietnam started in 1950s; Current convergence war into decentralization will last 18 years
  • 32:50 May Day Parades celebrate creation of Illuminati; 792AD first reference to death cult
  • 36:00 “Sparks of Life” in Talmud; Knights Templar;
  • 39:08 Elohim; UFOs as last-ditch effort
  • 42:26 “End Times”
  • 45:52 Zohar is dense with cosmology
  • 48:18 Amorphous state of war; Anti-secret society laws
  • 49:40 Rumors of Grand Juries in Washington State to deal with political corruption; RICO against WEF;
  • 52:13 PureBulk shirt
  • 54:58 Steampunk adventure; Electricity out of wood

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