We are currently in the time of “Secrets Revealed”, a huge dataset in the old ALTA Reports. It’s an indication of exciting things to come!

  • 00:43 Old ALTA reports included large data set titled “Secrets Revealed”; Temporal Markers that have manifested recently…
    – Encapsulated Earth
    – Planes Falling
    – Government Desperation
    – Israeli Mistake
    – Crack-up Boom
    – Disney
  • 06:15 Iranian government is Khazarian; 1666 Sabbatai Zevi; Namestealers
  • 09:30 Crack-up Boom – Banks failing; Gold, silver and crypto will be fluid part
  • 11:53 Disney Backlash and failure
  • 12:17 XRP will die because they are bound to central banks which will die; Tether too
  • 13:55 Secrets Revealed is part of SciFi world; History; Antarctica
  • 16:30 Other temporal markers primed to pop up: August – Space Aliens
  • 20:06 Secrets Revealed; April – Money; May 19-27 – Intense emotional value
  • 23:23 7 Days in May; Attempted rightwing military coo in US
  • 26:30 QANON vs Q
  • 27:20 ANTIFA worried about money
  • 28:20 Clif’s Vox Populi
  • 29:20 Bills of Redress – Damage from closing the beaches
  • 34:19 Clif High’s Pure Sleep

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/CEO1whPno7vh/

One thought on “20220331 – DOJO->Secrets Revealed”
  1. Clif
    I think all of you are wrong with the big banks! I never hear anyone ever mention the largest bank in the world.
    That Bank is the DTCC , The deposit trust and clearing corporation. It handles every single transaction in the entire world every day ! All stock transactions, and all central bank transactions too. They have a web site which is DTCC.com. You need to check this out. I taught classes on ancient societies and ancient religion for 15 + years and I found out about it 18 years ago. Check it out and see what you think and then rethink what you have learned !

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