We are about to enter the “Secrets Revealed” period in which unpaid government contractors will give up secrets for compensation and food rioters will uncover hidden caches of information.

  • 02:05 Thinking about how the Navy may have the ability to use instruments as UFO detectors
  • 03:12 Getting international bulk containers to use as biodigesters
  • 04:29 Kerry Cassidy and others are triggered by the term “Alien AI” because they don’t understand computers
  • 10:38 About to enter the “Secrets Revealed” period shown in the data sets. Early indication of “SciFi World”
  • 14:43 Secrets Revealed began showing up in 1997 data; Related to death of dollar and food riots; Deep state contractors hit hard by dollar death and reveal secrets for money; Food riots lead to breaking into to sensitive area for food and find secrets; Photos posted to Instagram and such
  • 28:08 Revealed info about space aliens will shock to normies
  • 29:10 Spaceships and magnets; Alien tech
  • 30:30 Normies especially will discover how much of their lives have been based on BS; History will have to be rewritten


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