Don’t give the motherWEFers a quick out. They should be arrested, imprisoned, and kept alive a long time in poor conditions so that they experience a bit of the suffering that they have been responsible for.

  • 00:26 We know who the motherWEFers are. When will it pop off? They should be arrested and imprisoned. They need to suffer. No quick out.
  • 04:00 They prefer the protection of chaos. Death of dollar is coming quicker than they expected. 2-4 month threshold.
  • 06:45 Fed government won’t have money to hire 87,000 IRS agents.
  • 08:18 Big drop-off of filers of 2021 taxes; States Nationalist movement
  • 11:42 By January 80% of USPop will recognize they are with the MotherWEFers. 20% woke doesn’t like guns, low testosterone, mind-controlled.
  • 14:05 Ukrainian NAZIs are losing.
  • 16:18 WEFers big weakness is the Dollar when it no longer has value.
  • 18:00 Educate the kids how WEF came to power.
  • 18:50 After US frees itself, it will send out freedom forces to free other nations.
  • 20:10 Washington State controlled by WEFers. More normies aware of WEF.
  • 22:05 WEFers won’t survive first year in prison; Sick vaxxxed may take retribution before they die; Fast metastasizing cancer.
  • 27:15 Those claiming things like clones and secret arrests may be opposition agents.

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