An article by an Oxford quantum physicist has thrown shade on the quantum computer industry. This confirms what Clif has been explaining for years. It also confirms the stupidity and fakery of popular Q proselytizers who pimp the tech.

  • 00:32 Oxford quantum physicist saying quantum computing is basically a scam; Charlie Ward; QFS; Kerry Cassidy
  • 03:55 Cartoon-level understanding of AI; Smart car navigation; Smart thermostat
  • 06:17 No self-aware AI; Instruction sets different for digital vs quantum
  • 07:59 Evolution of computing; Q-Bit states – on, off, undetermined; Quantum computers are analog, not digital;
  • 12:15 Quantum physics is horseshit; Brute-force search example
  • 19:00 Only 70% accuracy; Run three times
  • 23:40 Observer effect
  • 26:48 How Clif trolled woo-woo grifters with Charlie Ward burrito explosion satire
  • 28:30 Clif Q background; Guy offered to introduce Cliff to Q; Corey Goode
  • 32:20 Quantum computing industry funding has dried up

2 thoughts on “20220906 – Quantum computing just ain’t…”
  1. I love you, Clif. Lololol. Charlie Ward is from my home town. A complete toss pot. Thank you for the knowledge.

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