The WEFers reorganize every 25 years or so to keep us confused. But even normies like Jordon Peterson have become aware of their role in everything from seed oil recommendations to statins and psychiatry.

  • 00:18 Signs of Fall
  • 00:30 New face of evil is the motherWEFers; Major re-org every 25 years or so; Climate Change
  • 02:20 Analyzing all US Weather Service data; Number of 90-degree days are fewer and appear later in the year; Demonizing carbon dioxide = demonizing human activity; Humans = cattle
  • 05:27 Pandemic goals failed; UPS driver waking up
  • 08:30 Using climate change to create planetary lockdown; Permission to travel – passport
  • 09:40 Dept of Agriculture – Food Pyramid; Seventh Day Adventists; Seed Oils vs Good Fats; Canola Oil – 90% is indigestible; Lots of vitamins in fruits and vegetables are not bioavailable
  • 15:57 Statins destroy cholesterol; Brain needs one-quarter of cholesterol consumed by body
  • 18:50 COVID was a compliance exercise, a social awareness test
  • 21:00 Jordan Peterson and other academics awakening to WEF
  • 25:00 Tavistock Institute and Psychiatry; Freud; Einstein
  • 27:30 1619 Project; White Privilege; Khazarian Mafia
  • 30:00 Space Alien Invasion
  • 32:00 Peer Review = Formalized groupthink
  • 34:30 Magnetism in nature; Academia was captured as early as 1947
  • 36:15 Social responsibility as a means of control
  • 38:20 Financial system is degrading so fast that normies are becoming aware; $12-$15 gas is January or February

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