Bitcoin is NOT CIAcoin. It is open source and has no backdoors. Anyone telling you otherwise isn’t technical enough to understand. It’s time to learn to live in the parallel system.

  • 00:20 Cryptos, gold, silver, and fiat currency will be drivers for the political and social dramas; Inadequacy of solar and wind; Windmills use more energy in their manufacturing than they will ever produce; Climate Change; New Ice Age
  • 03:00 Most fiat currencies on planet are having serious problems; 115% loans in Argentina;
  • 03:50 Non-technical people feel qualified to make statements about backdoors in cryptos; Superiority of open source cryptos; XRP can’t replace SWIFT
  • 06:57 CIA did NOT create bitcoin
  • 11:50
  • 12:09 Entering into world of multiple payment systems; FedPay
  • 15:00 Backdoors into bitcoin; Crypto wallets
  • 17:05 Crypto problem for IRS
  • 19:10 Catherine Austin Fitts is anti-crypto
  • 21:00 MotherWEFers hate cash; Powell will sacrifice the dollar to save the banking system
  • 23:00 Federal Reserve will lose its charter and US will have Treasure-issued money
  • 25:50 Within 4 to 5 months of cryptos will break free of US dollar

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