In the coming period of hyperinflation, it will be important for young people to have a side gig in addition to their primary job. Older folks need to figure out how to preserve their wealth.

  • 00:27 Strategies and tactics for hyperinflation; You’re at war; Currency is being debased
  • 02:40 Old farts – Preserve retirement (safe); Young – Best possible return (risk); Clif buying tires in advance
  • 08:15 Wages from labor of the young will constantly be degraded; Have base job for stability, then side gig to provide more control
  • 13:00 Harvest resources; Blackberries; Morel Mushrooms; Add Value
  • 22:10 Solid stores of wealth like gold, silver, and bitcoin are currently being suppressed; Your ability to buy gold, silver, and bitcoin is being subsidized
  • 31:00 Nixon removed gold standard created a run on silver and gold
  • 33:25 Conversion to digital dollars; FedPay; Starbucks legal tender lawsuit

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