Homeless problem was engineered with the introduction of seed oils. WEFer schemes are falling apart. Prepare for hyperinflation.

  • 00:23 Prime Minister record resignation; CDC decision to include COVID vax in vax schedule required for education; Let your pets die
  • 02:00 Homeless problem was engineered
  • 02:55 Keys cholesterol study; Seed oils; Canola oil
  • 06:04 Department of Agriculture owned by outside entities since 1850s
  • 06:25 MotherWEFer plans are failing; Tulsi Gabbard; Hillary Clinton/Biden nuclear war with China
  • 08:54 WEF used Tulsi Gabbard name and picture without her permission
  • 11:00 Consistently dismantling 59 years of WEF infiltration
  • 12:23 Old guy prepping for general sense of emergency
  • 13:42 Bug grow operations as cover for disposal of political enemies; Goal to destroy diet to the point that we’re always sick; SSRI studies are bogus
  • 17:55 Khazarian Mafia are pretend Jews
  • 19:15 Dangerous time extends into next year
  • 19:45 Bond crisis will reach western countries in November and will precipitate hyperinflation; Wiemar Republic
  • 25:30 Federal Reserve sees hyperinflation coming; As bonds die, they deflate the system

Direct podcast link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/deflation

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