The overwoo wave has crested and corruption of all kinds is about to be swept away in the backwash.

  • 00:15 High-pressure system delayed winter storms out of WA State; Negative and positive ions; electrical beings
  • 01:54 Cool research gaining traction
  • 03:50 Khazarian Mafia and Psychiatry
  • 04:30 Quantum Mechanics is a distraction; Einstein was a tool of the Khazarian Mafia
  • 06:34 US Patent Office is corrupt
  • 10:30 Overturning in the Overwoo; Corrupt parts of our order will be exposed
  • 14:10 Deadly flu in 1968
  • 16:55 Ben Shapiro recognized he was fooled about COVID vax
  • 19:40 More Millenials lost to COVID vax than in Vietnam
  • 21:45 Largest pogrom ever coming toward WEFer types; Street Justice

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