A continuation of painting scenarios for a world after the failure of the Federal Reserve and central banks.

  • 00:19 Khazarians have conquered most of the planet after 100 years; The world pays the Khazarians a tithe
  • 03:00 14,000 times more money in derivatives
  • 04:15 Benefits to friends of central bankers
  • 05:00 Repeating the playbook of Germany entering WWI
  • 06:00 Distractions not working
  • 07:30 World without central banks; Bribery-financed secrets
  • 09:30 Zionism
  • 10:45 Comparison to collapse of Soviet Union
  • 12:52 Similarities to German history
  • 15:09 SciFi World
  • 19:00 Analysis of Federal Register shows Black Projects inflate at 25% per year
  • 20:40 Comparison to the Soviet collapse
  • 24:00 Collapse of retirement systems soon
  • 26:55 Comparison to a psychedelic experience; Very
  • 31:45 Rumors of (Self-Organizing Collective) SOC stockpiling silver coins; New crypto systems preparing for post-FED world

Direct podcast link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/the-fed-craps-out-2

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