Preparing for a world after the fall of central banks in which we no longer pay a 50% tithe to the Khazarian Mafia.

  • 00:17 Discussion about the end of the FED; Khazarians conquered the planet in about 100 years; The world pays a 50% tithe to Khazarian Mafia
  • 04:30 Bribery and erosion of the social order; Germany drug into WWI
  • 05:30 Central Bank is imploding and big distraction fell flat; WE ARE WATCHING!
  • 08:08 No more incentives to maintain secrecy
  • 09:30 Joe Biden and Zionism
  • 10:35 Similarity to fall of Soviet Union
  • 12:00 No millennials have seen a functioning system
  • 13:00 Comparisons to Germany’s recovery period after WWI
  • 15:34 SciFi World will have a different social matrix
  • 16:50 Killings and Retributions
  • 18:00 Secret technology companies will lose their dark money; Estimate Black Projects cost has inflated about 25% per year
  • 20:32 Rumors of nuclear bombs and high tech sold after collapse of Soviet Union
  • 23:45 Collapse of retirement systems and dollar as early as 2023
  • 24:44 Potential outlets for hyperinflation; Dismantling wind farms; free energy (fueless)
  • 26:55 comparison to a psychedelic experience
  • 31:50 SOC (Self-Organizing Collective) may be doing things to soften the blow to the economy; Silver Eagles; Future crypto payment systems
  • 35:35 It’s up to us to invent the future after the death of the FED

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