Likely scenario of a space alien expeditionary force coming to Earth long ago and how it is recorded in history.

  • 00:32 Expeditionary Forces
  • 01:24 Clif’s private group discussing space aliens and the Human Contact Foundation
  • 03:08 Space aliens that have come down to planet earth
  • 04:24 Mauro Biglino
  • 05:18 Four possible scenarios; Protocol 1: Large expeditionary force landed on planet earth
  • 09:00 Various kinds of flying machines; Moses asked Yahweh about flying machine
  • 12:00 Magnetic drives in space didn’t work on earth
  • 13:00 No Saturn Cult
  • 14:50 Possible disease issue
  • 15:50 The Going Away due to radiation left over from war
  • 18:20 The Return; Second Coming
  • 20:30 Conquered Yemenis (not Jews) harvested adrenochrome for the space aliens
  • 23:40 Submarines encountered supersonic machines
  • 27:30 Space aliens, not deities

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