A description of Protocols 2 & 3 as scenarios for ancient space alien interaction with humans and instructions that were left for their second coming.

  • 00:19 Protocol 2 and Protocol 3 for First Contact
  • 02:22 Summary of Protocol 1: It is likely that a space alien expeditionary force visited Earth more than 6000 years ago. Those that remained concentrated in Yemen, Meso-America, and Antarctica; The remnant left approx 2000 years ago
  • 08:00 Protocol 2 adds layer of complexity; Element of design in space alien interaction with Earth; They left us with religions
  • 09:36 Cargo Cults
  • 14:33 Protocol 3: Tactic used while they were here, not for after they left
  • 20:38 WEF/Khazarian Mafia is preparing for the second coming of the space aliens; As a result, some of their actions can be predicted
  • 23:00 Phoenician religion
  • 25:05 Talmud did not exist during the time of Jesus; Many of the books were formulated in the middle ages
  • 27:05 Some Old Testaments differ from each other as much as 60%

Direct podcast link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/p2-and-p3

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