Expect a fun new year as government secrets start flooding out. Watch the January 6 court case.

  • 00:15 Political currents; Illusion about the US republic
  • 02:59 Kennedy Assassination was a coup
  • 04:20 Our reality is closer to Ancient Rome and Caligula
  • 05:30 Toxic Testosterone and Chemical Castration
  • 07:00 Two battling forces; SOC (Self-Organizing Collective)
  • 08:08 Attempted coups on Justinian by the Khazarians
  • 09:00 In 2023 some of the currents will be exposed; Supreme Court has scheduled the Brunson case for January 6
  • 12:53 Roe v Wade was bogus and has been undone
  • 15:42 Were Clarence Thomas and his wife poisoned?
  • 18:50 MotherWEFers aware
  • 19:52 Government secrets will start coming out like a flood by January
  • 21:35 Juan O Savin is tied in; SGANON and Charlie Ward are idiots; Kash Patel and Gen Flynn
  • 24:14 Transition from Roman Empire to the Byzantine Empire

Direct podcast link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/complicated-currents

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