The future is merely a potential range of possibilities being created in our present. Wokians have brittle delusions that have been reinforced by motherWEFers.

  • 00:28 Book: Behave by Robert Sapolsky
  • 01:40 Reality; The future does not exist except as we create it just ahead of our current reality; The future is a range of potential
  • 06:20 Cocreation
  • 10:20 Past has faded out; You can’t go back
  • 12:02 No such thing as time travel; Cory Goode is full of shit
  • 14:10 Communist and socialist mind virus; Video series: Kleo
  • 15:50 Nobody is buying communism anymore; Renamed “Green New Deal” and other woke stuff
  • 17:40 Freud’s ideas were horseshit; Delusions
  • 21:40 Sapolsky’s approach is better Bahaviorial complex forms personality; Hormonal Pump; Three self-reinforcing areas; Emotional; Hormonal; Behavior
  • 27:45 Personalities will shift over time
  • 28:20 MotherWEFers fucking with hormones; Hormones can reinforce an invalid mental state
  • 30:45 Delusions are hormonal stuff attached to a false understanding of reality
  • 33:00 Clif’s encounters with delusional people in Starbucks
  • 34:30 Cory Goode’s delusion
  • 36:25 MotherWEFer forced reality is very brittle
  • 40:10 Major shift of the ages due to the delusions being global
  • 41:50 Social order delusions fall away faster than personal delusions because there is no hormonal influence affecting the social order; Karens are fading away
  • 43:50 Cory Goode’s time travel delusion
  • 44:55 Past yellow Sun vs current white Sun
  • 46:56 If you’re interested in this kind of stuff [behavior, reality and delusions], you can read Sapolsky, his understanding is far better than Freud.
  • 47:13 Larger range of possibilities will be exposed immanently

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