Clif High outlines his very deliberate strategy around the Vox Populi newsletters to his Washington State representatives and their assistants.

  • 00:30 Vox Populi = Latin for Voice of the People; Clif High Substack; The selected in public office are still subject to the citizens through rights ancillary to the Bill of Rights: Petition, Sue, Protest, Opinion
  • 02:25 Corey Goode frivolous lawsuit
  • 05:55 Vox Populi project includes sending a weekly newsletter to Washington State officials
  • 08:30 Getting into the heads of the Legislative Assistants
  • 11:00 Evidence of crimes
  • 14:00 Practicing magic legitimately
  • 17:40 Lawsuits are won on trickery
  • 18:20 Clif High’s Pure Sleep
  • 19:20 Don’t threaten; Give advice; There to help; Acting in legal, lawful manner as a citizen of specific jurisdiction
  • 20:00 Dozens of committees
  • 20:53 State IT departments collect email addresses of all representatives and legislative assistants; Bulk emails
  • 28:50 Armed security coming
  • 30:00 5G Warfare
  • 31:12 Concern of each NFL player who was penetrated

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2 thoughts on “20230105 – Vox Populi”
  1. Thanks Cliff: The Wefers are having their AGM on the 16th, in Davos, so i would like to see letters of appeal to all CEO’s of member companies of the WEF to withdraw their membership on the grounds that their subs are used to bribe, coerce and blackmail politicians to serve their (WEF) global agenda rather than the policy
    statements the pitched to their respective electorates.

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