Did the appearance of Oumuamua accelerate WEF plans to put the world under their subjection?

  • 00:10 Oumuamua caused Covid; Detailed description of Oumuamua: metallic, tubular, 800mx80m, 196,000 km/h to 225,000 km/hr, hollow
  • 04:25 Strategic outgassing created thrust – artificial gravity
  • 06:45 Radiation harvesting
  • 08:08 Announced in 2017, but probably were aware around 2009
  • 09:08 WEF are almost all Khazarians; Khazarian Mafia, Talmud, Torah, and Zohar; Fascination with the number 11
  • 15:50 Second Coming of the El (space aliens); 11 years of total domination
  • 18:50 Two horns
  • 19:55 Agenda 2050 accelerated by appearance of Oumuamua
  • 23:40 Bifurcation of beliefs around prophecy; Forcing deity to do something
  • 26:50 Agenda 2030 was supposed to happen 11 years after 2019 Covid takeover
  • 29:00 Oumuamua = “the sound”; Two more on the way
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Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/DGmgfCkKCPa2/

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