Predictions in the original 1997 ALTA Report that we are now living through indicate that humans have a 30-year psychic window that may extend into 100 years of squishiness.

  • 00:26 Old ALTA Reports; Asymmetric Linguistic Trend Analysis; Clif’s first computer in 1979
  • 01:45 BitChute video: You Are Delusional; Time does not exist ahead of us; Cory Goode
  • 03:38 Clif’s consulting contracts in 1990; Flew to Mexico in 1993; Teaching SQL; Designing efficient database queries
  • 06:40 Plane struck by lightning; Idea for ALTA Reports; Psychic thoughts leak out in human vocabulary
  • 08:40 Emotion Reduction Engine; Plutchik Wheel of Emotions
  • 13:38 First test run in 1997: Some 1997 datasets described what we are experiencing now; Future is about 30 years wide, maybe 100 years wide
  • 20:00 Scaled down efforts to Major Descriptor Identifiers due to censorship since 2006
  • 23:35 30-year bulge in 100 years of squishiness

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