The first three years of a decade often set its emotional tone. 2023 seems to be the decade of “The Great Revealing.”

  • 00:12 Zeitgeist – Emotional tone for the decade is pretty much set in the first 3 years of that decade
  • 02:10 2023 may usher in “The Revealing” or “The Great Revealing; The other half of The Great Awakening; Normies will be very unstable because they don’t have a mental peg for this new reality
  • 05:55 Battle between the Khazarians and the Rus
  • 07:48 Defeat of Ukraine, WEF, Khazarian Mafia
  • 10:13 Cultural Revolution needed for WEF to be completely destroyed; Example: Universities
  • 13:00 Paper currencies will die; Death of the dollar; Without banking system, Klaus Schwab and the motherWEFers have no power
  • 17:20 End of 6000-year cycle of control by a “hidden hand”; Extremely packed year
  • 18:50 Election theft in Brazil
  • 20:00 Space alien revealing in May or June; Death of financial system; True asset revaluation process; Rise of entrepreneurs vs collapse of large corporations; Banking collapse and explosion of derivatives
  • 30:15 Hints at first flash crash in European derivative markets
  • 32:00 Khazarians have attacked Russia through France, Germany; Ukraine…

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