Prepare for one of the most energetic years ever! Banks, derivatives, penetrations, propaganda…it’s all breaking down.

  • 00:14 Brunson Case; Big Ugly; NFL player that died
  • 01:40 MotherWEFfers are fleeing; Brazil election/protest
  • 02:50 Epstein
  • 04:00 Entering banking crises now; Banker death
  • 06:22 Lula vs Bolsonaro in Brazil; Lula fled
  • 09:09 Vaccinated people are in Hell with fear
  • 10:45 NFL players are freaked
  • 11:34 Vox Populi: Legislators Be Advised
  • 14:55 Kennedy Assassination
  • 16:07 Historical timelines are fucked; Spontaneous generation of insects
  • 17:05 Universe’s purpose of people who don’t accept shit
  • 18:10 WEF faithful are being killed off and waisted; Clif has met Bill Gates; Outliers will reproduce
  • 19:40 MotherWEFers are really stupid
  • 20:45 Vengeful attacks by the vaxxed
  • 23:05 Rename St Valentine’s massacre with new vaxxed-related massacre
  • 24:30 Breakdown of banking system; Derivative crash
  • 26:00 Promising bitcoin and silver action
  • 30:45 Biden regime will not survive this period
  • 31:25 Prepare for one of the most energetic years ever
  • 32:19 Infiltration of colleges in 1950s and 60s

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