The crash of the current financial system will make the motherWEFers instantly poor. Organic rise of new economy and US treasury-issued dollar.

  • 00:13 Days when chemtrails don’t take
  • 01:25 WEF would not exist without ability to print money from nothing; That system is dying
  • 02:38 US is resource wealthy
  • 03:34 MotherWEFers want to crash the FRN and replace with CBDC
  • 05:11 Data sets indicated death of dollar
  • 07:50 Dick Allgire remote viewing deep distress in the halls of Congress; Possible connection to the Freedom Caucus 20 delaying funding
  • 14:15 Three replacements for FRN will be rejected: First CBDC, then two more; New economy will emerge organically and everything will rapidly improve
  • 16:15 Former elite and traders will become new poor
  • 17:45 Number of deaths will impact the economy at all levels; All assets will be revalued based on demand; Deflation; Rampant infertility will cause crash in schools, baby formula, diapers, children’s clothing
  • 19:54 Real Estate is hosed
  • 21:25 Jsnip4 Realist News; $6 silver; 20 cent XRP; XRP can’t replace SWIFT; 3rd tier option
  • 25:38 Rise of bitcoin; Russia moving toward setting with bitcoin

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