Great news on a variety of fronts: Half of WEF didn’t show; Deep State has abandoned Biden; And more.

  • 00:56 Good news Tuesday! 50% of RSVPs for WEF didn’t show up! They are aware that the light is shining on them
  • 03:50 Washington State attendees?
  • 04:58 WEF is scrubbing their website
  • 06:45 Looking for emotional spike toward the end of February
  • 07:25 Permanant suspension from Twitter
  • 08:10 First of a major series of events affecting the Federal Reserve system/banks; Unexpected emotional response link between Brazil and the US
  • 11:08 Deep State has abandoned Biden
  • 12:27 Exchanging dollars for other things
  • 16:28 Hospitals collapsing; Hospital chains for sale
  • 19:45 New info to flood normie world
  • 20:40 Perhaps no more food production facilities destroyed; Good news on oil front; No more climate change nonsense; No more windmills and solar panels
  • 23:45 Vernadsky; Boscovich; Tesla; Energy calculations

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