Rafi Farber invites Clif High on his show to discuss “The Jews” and antisemitism. Also covered are the Talmud, death and the afterlife, psychedelics, and more.

  • 01:15 Rafi’s personal anti-semitism story; Rafi’s story about “medical interventions”
  • 06:00 Clif explains that he is not anti-semite; Book: Mauro Biglino; Most Jewish people aren’t as well-read in their Jewish literature as is Clif
  • 08:22 Clif early tribal life as an Army brat; No prejudice; Moved to Deep South
  • 12:00 Reading the Talmud
  • 13:35 DNA Testing; Historical Accuracy; Psychedelic drugs; Getting down to base knowledge
  • 17:00 Theme of bible where Jews are on top of government; Current Jews on both sides of power structure; Power structure #1: Evil Ones not limited to a single racial group; Power structure #2: The Herd or The Source Material
  • 20:00 Pre-6000 years ago, 250,000 space aliens landed on Earth; 613 Commandments; Proto-Hebrew; Elohim; 6 genders between breeding male and breeding female; Ukraine – Khazaria; Gahns – Gardens; Essene tribes from South Yemen
  • 26:45 Psychedelics; Book: Pihkal
  • 27:55 Khazarian Mafia and the DNA dongle; Heather and Bret Weinstein; Human evolution is shit; Nummo
  • 31:00 Rafi’s perspective on the Jews being a moral compass to the world
  • 32:50 Humans bobbing up and down on the energy waves of the Universe
  • 34:30 What do we do to make the world better; JFK Assassination
  • 36:20 We’re in the Overwoo; February 2nd is a key day when people realize the consequences of the medical intervention

Direct video link: https://youtu.be/pKAH2XnW8O8

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2 thoughts on “20230131 – Rafi Farber Interview”
  1. There is a delightful story in Jewish literature that tells of a man who was very sick. He went all over his city going from one doctor to another, whith no success. Finally, the sick man went to his Rabbi, and asked him for help. The Rabbi told the sick man that he knew where the man could certainly find a cure. The Rabbi told the man to go to a certain village and he would find the help he needed. The sick man went many miles to the remote village and asked the local people where the doctor could be found. The people told him, they did not have a doctor. The sick man was upset and thought he had been betrayed. So he asked the people, “Then what do you do when you get sick?”. The people responded by saying, “We pray to God.”.

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