Deep dive into who the Khazarian name stealers are. They are NOT Jews, but they surround themselves with sacrificial Jews who get the bad wrap.

00:34 Dojo = a place where the way is practiced
06:00 War as forecast; Russians don’t do war before spring (March 1); Civilians die due to lack
09:13 Russian Revolution in 1914; Taken over by Khazars (Bolsheviks) one year later and killed that breadbasket of the world
12:36 Book” Journey to the West; “Watch out for the name stealers”; Orea Linda; King James Bible;
20:45 War is not between nation-states; Judaism; Talmud; Constantine
24:45 Zohar; Elohim = Holy Spirit = Spaceship
30:05 Not invading Ukraine; Incursion to destroy biolabs; Same will happen with China/Taiwan; Jews are sacrificial; Adrenochrome
35:12 Putin taking out 13 biolabs; Bidenites can’t stand against China invading Taiwan; Armageddon = The Great Revealing
38:30 Martin Armstrong computer Socrates; 18 years war;

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