In Part 2 of the Dr Lee Merritt interview of Clif High, Clif describes psychedelic experiences, humans with wider visual spectrums and other sensitivities, and humanity’s transformation into the Age of Aquarius.

Continued from Part 1

  • 00:00 Short intro on reptilians
  • 01:03 Clif’s paranoid schizophrenia; Elite’s DNA dongle; 2041 or 2050 in hidden literature
  • 03:53 Yiddish
  • 05:55 Khazarian interbreeding; Mongolians; Genghis Khan tried to eliminate the Khazarians; Khazarian’s murdered African shamans; Vietnamese also had wider visual spectrum
  • 12:45 Psychedelics; Hyperspace is more real; El move from place to place; The Bug; Nummo; The Pale Fox
  • 16:40 Reptilians; Clif’s grandma’s nickname was Rattlesnake Grandmother
  • 21:32 Technology of psychedelics
  • 24:05 Time; A human is composed of the Thinker, the Knower, and the Doer; Materium
  • 30:20 Age of Aquarius; Energy and astrology
  • 38:40 Control depends on mass killing of humanity
  • 42:00 85 million lives to integrate as human
  • 45:50 Fibonacci timeline spiral vs crystal spiral; random
  • 50:25 Universe is trying to create novelty

Continued in Part 3

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