Dr Lee Merritt interviews Clif High in an effort to find a worldview that makes sense within the context of the current sacrifice of humanity.

Part 1 of 3

  • 00:00 Short intro includes Khazarians and Vitamin D
  • 01:01 Reference Rafi Farber interview; Ancient medicine is the way to go; Khazarians and Vitamin D
  • 03:35 Being a linguist
  • 04:20 Clif’s overall worldview; Not a fan of Zecharia Sitchin; Proto-Hebrew; Planet X was BS;
  • 08:20 Hebraic language and Hebrews are recent; Recognizing military movements in ancient literature; Humans conquered/slaughtered by space aliens
  • 11:57 The Naked Bible by Mauro Biglino; Fat for burnt offerings
  • 13:00 Bible was seriously overworked in the 1200s; Namestealers; Codex Oera Linda;
  • 14:28 Group of Khazarians that think they have special DNA
  • 15:54 El set up in Khazaria; El flee to South Yemen; Bible story starts
  • 18:00 Jews are sacrificial population for the Khazarian Mafia
  • 19:00 Khazarian Mafia’s DNA dongle
  • 26:55 Clif’s Cathar bloodline; Nosebleeds
  • 29:48 Pfizer rollout in Israel; Khazarian’s wrap themselves in the sacrificial Jewish cloak

Continued in Part 2

Direct video link: https://rumble.com/v28kuu4-my-interview-with-the-inimitable-clif-high-part-i-the-kazarians.html

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