This second interview by Dr Lee Merritt with Clif High spans a wide range of subjects including the East Palestine derailment, Lin Biao’s Army of the Hairy Crabs, and what to expect as the financial system falls.

00:01:48 Iatrocide; Stabilized wheat with iodine; Project Paperclip; Bromide
00:06:25 East Palestine, Ohio; Vinyl Chloride; Dioxin
00:13:00 People have been kept ignorant; Khazarian Mafia; Trans; Munchausen By Proxy; Lin Biao; Army of the Hairy Crabs; Hormone Therapy
00:28:50 El; 613 commandments; Burnt Offerings to produce adrenochrome; Codex Oera Linda
00:33:44 Eating bugs; Photonic crystals; Parasites
00:39:10 Druze; Essenes; Gons
00:44:00 Why Deuterium in the water?
00:47:45 Self-Organizing Collective (SOC) Russians threatened Khazarian Empire and they went underground; Friday the 13th; Cathars; German Inquisition
00:54:55 Eastern Orthodox Church; Baphomet
00:57:30 Codes and symbols; BLM; Partition the US; US hunters
01:05:40 Munchausen By Proxy as psychological warfare against Trans and COVID
01:13:05 Fixing the financial system; End of FRN; Inversion of value; Silver
01:20:45 Population waking up to the problem of penetrations; Nattokinase; Doctor suicides
01:34:00 Pattern recognition; Universe is consciousness and creates novelty
01:38:45 Compromised pilots; Nattokinase; C60

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